Auchincloss House

3044 O-Street, Georgetown, N.W., Washington D.C.

Built in 1870, for Dr Armistead Peter (1840-1902) and his wife, Martha Custis Kennon (1843-1886), a direct descendant of First Lady Martha Washington (1731-1802) and heiress of Tudor Place. In 1963, Louis Mackall IV (1907-1991) sold the four-story, 9-bedroom house to Hugh D. Auchincloss Jr. (1897-1976) and his third wife Janet - mother of First Lady Jackie Kennedy - who were downsizing from Merrywood. Janet was here when she took the phone call informing her of her son-in-law's assassination. Following her death in 1989, the house was acquired by Laughlin Phillips (1924-2010), founder of the Washingtonian magazine and Chairman of the Phillips (Art) Collection, established by his father. It was also home to David C. Roth, vice-president of the World Bank, and in 2000 Hilary Clinton considered buying it after having been elected to the U.S. Senate. It remains a private family home.  

This house is best associated with...

Hugh Dudley Auchincloss

Hugh D. Auchincloss Jr., Broker, of Auchincloss, Parker & Redpath, Washington D.C.


Janet Norton (Lee) Morris

Mrs Janet Norton (Lee) Bouvier, Auchincloss, Morris


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