Campbell House

160 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Built 1822, for Sir William Campbell (1758-1834), Chief Justice of Upper Canada, and his wife Hannah Hadley (1768-1843). Originally located at 64 Duke Street, it remained a private home until 1890 when the neighbourhood was swamped by the tide of commercialism and the house was  converted into offices and a small factory....
In 1972, the Coutts-Hallmark Greeting Cards Company wanted to demolish it to expand their car park, but in response to a public outcry they offered it to anyone who could remove it from their property. That year, the city joined forces to transport it to its present location. It has since been the property of the City of Toronto and serves as an house museum, events space, and a club for the members of the Advocates Society.

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Contributed by Mark Meredith on 06/01/2019 and last updated on 07/08/2023.


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