Hell Gate Neck, Nassau County, New York

Built circa 1750, it was developed by George Muirson Woolsey (1772-1840) and his wife Abby Howland, both of whose fortunes were connected with the Howland & Aspinwall shipping line of New York. Abby predeceased her husband in London and George retired here to breed thoroughbreds. On his death, he left the 400-acre estate (with a farm and an adjoining island) to his only surviving son, Edward. Edward died here in 1873 and left the estate to his eldest son, though his widow, Emily Aspinwall, continued to live here up until her death in 1891. The house was destroyed by a fire in 1898.  

This house is best associated with...

George Muirson Woolsey

G. M. Woolsey, Shipping Merchant & Sugar Refiner, of New York City


Abigail (Howland) Woolsey

Mrs Jane "Abby" (Howland) Woolsey


Edward John Woolsey

Edward John Woolsey, of "Casina" New York & Lenox, Massachusetts


Emily (Aspinwall) Woolsey

Mrs Emily Phillips (Aspinwall) Woolsey


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Image from the Greater Astoria Historical Society


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