Château de Mortefontaine

Château de Mortefontaine, Mortefontaine, Oise, Hauts-de-France

Built between 1600 and 1630, for Philippe Hotman (d.1643), Seigneur de Plailly-Montmélian, whose father (the French Ambassador to Switzerland) bought the estate in 1570. It remained a seigneurial manor until it was purchased in 1798 by Napoleon's brother, Joseph-Napoléon Bonaparte (1768-1844) and his wife Marie-Julie Clary (1771-1845) as their new home. It was here that the Convention of 1800 was signed that ended a two year quasi naval war fought in the Caribbean between France and the United States. In 1815, after Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, Joseph made his escape to America and in the following year he styled the first version of his home in New Jersey - Point Breeze - on Mortefontaine. While he lived in exile, his wife lived here almost permanently until he sold it in 1827 to the last Prince de Condé. Today, it is once again a private residence having been a school and an hotel during the latter half of the 20th century.  

This house is best associated with...

Joseph Bonaparte

Joseph-Napoléon Bonaparte, Comte de Survilliers, ex-King of Spain etc.


Marie Julie Clary

Marie Julie (Clary) Bonaparte, Comtesse de Survilliers


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