Davenport Mansion

Main Street, Stamford, Connecticut

Built in 1807, for Major John Davenport (1752-1830) and his wife Mary Sylvester Welles (1754-1847). He attached his pillared Greek-Revival mansion onto his father's 18th century homestead seen on the right. The mansion stood on Main Street near the corner of Summer Street. After John's death, it was the home of his son Theodore Davenport (1792-1884) for the next sixty years. Sometime after Theodore's death, the mansion was moved to Lower Summer Street and in 1916 the Hotel Davenport was put up in its place, the building of which still stands today.

This house is best associated with...

Abraham Davenport

Colonel Abraham Davenport, of Stamford, Connecticut


John Davenport

Major John Davenport, of Stamford; U.S. Representative from Connecticut


Mary (Welles) Davenport

Mrs Mary Sylvester (Welles) Davenport


Theodore Davenport

Theodore Davenport, of Davenport & Weeks Rolling Mills, Stamford, Connecticut


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