Charles Stetson Wheeler (1863-1923)

Charles S. Wheeler, of San Francisco; Regent of the University of California

Associated Houses

The Bend

Mount Shasta

He was born at Fruitvale, Alameda County, California. His parents were both New Englanders with ancestors who came over on the Mayflower. He was educated in local public schools and graduated from the University of California (1884). After two years, he was admitted to legal practice and almost immediately became associated with the leading causes at the Bar and handled many historic trust cases. He twice declined appointment as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California. He was Regent of the University of the California three times: 1892 to 1896; 1902 to 1907; and, 1911 to 1923. He married the artist Lillian Marsh and they were the parents of five children. 


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