Daniel Warren (1861-1931)

Vice-President of the American Trading Company; of Mamaroneck, New York

He was born at Rye Neck in Mamaroneck to Irish-Catholic parents who emigrated from Cork to America after the Potato Famine. He was educated at local schools and attended the Cooper Union in New York City that ran courses for adults with limited funds. His father, John, was Line-Manager of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad and got him a job as a clerk at Harrison Station. One morning in 1881, he stopped Ulysses D. Eddy from falling in front of a train and in gratitude Eddy gave him his card. That fortunate encounter led to the start of his career with Coombs, Crosby, Eddy & Co., that eventually became better known as the American Trading Company (ATC), of New York & London, importers with offices at ports all over the world.

Daniel Warren was the Supervising Buyer for the ATC from 1895 to 1916 and a Director and Vice-President from 1910 until his retirement. He was also President of the ATC of Cuba and President of the ATC of Argentina. From 1902 to 1911, he was President of the Village of Mamaroneck and President of the Rye Neck Board of Education from 1892 to 1928. The first sewers in the village were built under his administration and the "Daniel Warren Elementary School" in Mamaroneck, that continues to this day, is named for him.

In 1923, he served as President of the American Exporters & Importers Association. He was a Member of the National Foreign Trade Council, the Pan American Union, the War Trade Board of 1917 & 1918, and the International Chamber of Commerce. In Cuba, he was a Director of the Santa Clara Sugar Company and the Santa Clara Railroad. From 1915, he was a Director of the Union Savings Bank of Westchester County and he also held executive positions with, and co-founded, the Mamaroneck Co-operative Savings & Loan Association. He belonged to the Oriental Yacht Club; the Oakhurst Club; India House in New York; the Scarsdale Golf Club; and, the Havana Country Club. He was an honorary member of the Jockey Club of Buenos Aires. He had one sister, Mrs Mary McCormack of Brooklyn. He married Ellen Connolly who was also the daughter of Irish-Catholics who emigrated to America in the 1850s. They were the parents of three daughters. Their eldest daughter, Beatrice, is the paternal grandmother of the British Politician, Jacob Rees-Mogg, and that he adheres to the Catholic faith stems from her and his Irish-American roots.

Daniel Warren's Mansion ("Shoreacres"?) at Shore Acres, Mamaroneck

He lived on Union Avenue, Mamaroneck, until his retirement in 1916. He then built, "a 2.5-story hollow tile and stucco residence, 30-x-80 feet, with garage" on Alda Road in the Shore Acres section of Mamaroneck. It looked out over Long Island Sound and was designed by Charles T. Oakley at a cost $15,000. In 1944, the Warren children sold, "the large stone and stucco English house" to William Grenville Truesdell. It was situated opposite the Shore Acres beach and adjoined Broadway Producer Lee Shubert's estate.  
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