Edward Tuck French (1899-1919)

"Ned" Edward Tuck French, died in early adulthood.

Associated Houses

Tuck's Eden

Tuxedo Park

In 1915, his father berated him for his "unacceptable behaviour" and the following year he was packed off to the Beacon Sanatarium - his great-uncle and namesake, Edward Tuck, had said that the only alternatives for the boy were "jail or an asylum". He graduated from Harvard the following year (1917) but that summer rolled his car twice in Newport and although he escaped uninjured, he was badly shaken. In 1918, he was supposed to be on his way to Junior Officer's Training Camp in Plattsburgh when he made the headlines in Boston after marrying a telephone operator (Lillian Harrington) on a whim. He died the following year, at just twenty years old, leaving a son, Edward,


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