Louis-Eustache de Lotbinière (1688-1749)

Archdeacon, Seigneur de Lotbiniere & Member of the Sovereign Council, Quebec

Born and educated in Quebec City, he followed in the steps of his father and grandfather and was appointed to the Sovereign Council by King Louis XIV in 1710. He inherited the Seigneury of Lotbiniere and acquired the Seigneury of Maure. He held the commission of Keeper of the Seals and was briefly Attorney-General. In 1719, his cousin's husband, the Marquis de Vaudreuil, Governor-General of New France, put his name forward to be Chief Councillor of the Sovereign Council. But, Intendant Bégon withdrew his support after Lotbiniere refused to back several of his policy changes. The antagonism that developed between them eventually cost Lotbiniere the job. After the death of his wife to childbirth in 1723, Lotbiniere turned to God. He was ordained a priest in 1726 and in consequence of his high standing he was consecrated Archdeacon of Quebec and Dean of Notre-Dame Cathedral. King Louis XV allowed him to remain on the Sovereign Council but he relinquished his commission as Keeper of the Seals and his profitable position as general agent for the Compagnie de l'Occident (fur traders). 
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