Eyre Coote Croker (1800-1881)

Formerly of Balliva House, Co. Cork; Veterinary Surgeon, of New York City

He was born at Quartertown House, Co. Cork. His elder brother called him a 'wastrel' and bemoaned that he, "lost his commission as a captain in the army and squandered his wife's fortune trying to live like a squire in the West Cork countryside. My poor, foolish father bought Balliva for him but he has not the slightest idea about farming". He lived at Balliva (Ballyva) House in Ardfield with a staff of twelve but soon fell on hard times. He sold Balliva and its 60-acres for £50 with which he took his family to New York in 1846. There, after finding work as a clerk he became a veterinary surgeon with the U.S. Army specializing with horses and in 1859 was living at 161 East 85th Street. By the end of his life in 1879, he was described as a foreman and was living at 432 East 116th Street. He married Frances, daughter of John Welsted (d.1808), of Ballywalter, Castletownroche, Co. Cork, and they had 7-children including "Boss Croker".
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