Francis de Pau (1773-1836)

François Narcisse de Pau, of 358 Broadway, New York City

He was born in Paris and settled in New York where he was, "the principal proprietor of the New York and the Havre line of packet ships". He was a major slave trader. In 1798, he was married at Charleston, South Carolina, to Sylvie, youngest daughter of the famous French Admiral, the Comte de Grasse. He lived at 358 Broadway, New York, but returned to Paris in 1835 for his health. He died the following year and his body was returned to his adopted city (New York) where he is buried.

On leaving for Paris, he put up much of the contents of his house for auction: "Brussels and Wilton carpets, splendid damask bergeres with Eider down cushions, curtains to match the latest fashion, rich candleabras, vases, centre tables, mosaik [sic] tops, two elegant mantel glasses - the largest ever imported, extension dining tables, mahogany chairs with cushions, astral lamps, rich china, cut glass, a splendid silver tea sett [sic] (French), statuary by Tento Nova, consisting of Venus de Medici, Canova Dancing Girl, Venus of the Bath, Busts of Apollo, with pedestals; French bedsteads, sofas, bureaus, dressing tables, looking glasses, beds and bedding of every description. Also a large assortment of kitchen furniture. Also two first rate Pianos and a superb French clock".

All of Francis de Pau's seven children were born in Charleston. He was the father of two sons (Francis and Louis) and five daughters: (1) Stephania, Mrs Washington Coster (2) Caroline, Mrs Henry Walter Livingston (3) Amelie, Mrs Theodosius Oliver Fowler (4) Eliza, Mrs Samuel Mickle Fox (5) Sylvie, Mrs Mortimer Livingston.
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