George William Allan (1822-1901)

The Hon. George Allan, P.C., F.R.G.S., Speaker of the Senate of Canada

Associated Houses

The Homewood


Moss Park


He was born at Toronto and grew up at Moss Park. He was the 11th Mayor of Toronto, Member of the Legislative Council of Upper Canada for York (until Canadian Confederation in 1867) and Speaker of the Senate of Canada. He travelled throughout Europe, down the Nile River, through Syria, the Holy Land, Turkey and Greece. He was elected a member of the Royal Geographical Society and a Member of the Royal Zoological Society, both in England. In 1846, as wedding present, his father gave him Homewood which he sold in 1855 to B. Homer Dixon when he moved into Moss Park which contained many artefacts from his extensive travels. By his second wife he was the father of seven children including Mrs Andrew Cassels and Mrs Harcourt-Vernon.


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