Helen (Maloney) Osborn (b.1886)

Mrs Helen (Maloney) Osborn

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Spring Lake

In 1907, "the social world was startled" when Helen eloped from Ballingarry with Samuel R. Clarkson, of London, who had been a guest of her fathers there. Her father paid investigators who tracked them down in Europe shortly afterwards. But, to the further astonishment of everyone, it transpired that back in 1905 Helen had already got married in secret to Arthur H. Osborn, who was then a student at Princeton University. The marriage was duly annulled, with Helen stating that she had done it to escape the clutches of the various aristocratic friends of her parents who wished to marry her for her money. But, their love blossomed again and two years later (1909), to the approval of all, Helen and Arthur were married again at New York