Henry Arnold Coster (1802-1831)

"Harry" Coster, of New York City; died unmarried

Associated Houses

Coster-Phelps Mansion

Kip's Bay

He was born in New York City. In 1864, Walter Barrett related: "It is impossible for any one but an old New Yorker to conceive of the intense interest that was thrown around these two young men (Harry and Washington Coster)... He was the eldest son... It would have been far better for poor Harry had he had a dozen brothers. He was a noble-hearted young fellow and possessed many noble qualities, but his wealth spoiled all. It called around him a lot of worthless hangers on, who induced him to commit all sorts of follies and extravagances, in order that they might share in them. Young Harry was rather wild before his excellent father died, but he did not fairly break loose from all restraint until his governor was no more. Then he "went it." There was nothing at all criminal in his actions. He spent his money like a prince. "A short life and a merry one," seemed to be his object, and he obtained it. His property was immense; he did his best to spend it, but he did not live long enough. He left considerable when he died".

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