Henry Delafield Phelps (1836-1910)

Henry Delafield Phelps Sr., of "Glenellen" New Rochelle & New York City

He was an only child, born in New York City. He was educated Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, before graduating from Columbia Law School in 1859. For fifteen years he was a lawyer at New Rochelle in partnership with Walton W. Evans before retiring to become a landowner. He was said to be, "the owner of very valuable property and his real-estate holdings (at Davenport Neck on Long Island Sound) are extensive". He named his "beautiful home" at New Rochelle, "Glenellen". He served six terms as Supervisor of Westchester County and was a trustee of New Rochelle. It was said of him that, "in manner he was pleasant and genial, in disposition kindly, and the high regard in which he is uniformly held is well deserved". In 1858, he married a distant cousin on his mother's side of the family through their mutual descent from Lewis Morris, 2nd Lord of the Manor of Morrisania. She was Katherine, daughter of Robert Rutherfurd Morris. They were the parents of two sons and a daughter, Helen. 
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