Henry Parish (1788-1856)

Henry Parish, Merchant, of H. & D. Parish, New York City

When Henry closed all his various dry goods businesses that stretched from New York to Charleston and New Orleans, the assets came to "several million dollars". This was divided between the family although he was the principal partner. His health by that stage was in decline and despite an extended trip to Europe that saw him improve, he died soon afterwards. His chief beneficiary was his brother, Daniel, the other senior partner in the principal firm which was H&D Parish. Henry married his wife in 1829, from "an ambitious and a rising family, though of very moderate means". Henry was seventeen years older than his bride and then living on Barclay Street in New York in a mansion next to the Daniel Parish Mansion. They died without issue. 
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Image Courtesy of the Frick Art Reference Library; Timeline of Henry Parish's life, for the Case of his will, 1864