Hugh Dudley Auchincloss (1858-1913)

Hugh D. Auchincloss, Sr., of New York & "Hammersmith Farm" Newport, R.I.

Associated Houses

Hammersmith Farm


He was born at Newport, Rhode Island, and was educated at Yale. His year book read: “At the conclusion of a brief hunting trip in Colorado after graduation, he entered into the employ of Messrs. Muir & Duckerworth, Cotton Buyers, in Savannah, remaining there nearly two years. In 1882, he was admitted to partnership in the firm of Auchincloss Brothers of New York (merchants, and the U.S. agents for J. & P. Coats, thread manufacturers, of Paisley in Scotland) and he has remained engaged in active business in that city ever since, ten years of the time in the dry goods commission business with his brothers, and latterly managing private companies in mining, manufacturing, and transportation, as well as banking and other interests. He is President of the Port Inglis Terminal Company; Treasurer of the Dunnellon Phosphate Company; Trustee of the Bowery Savings Bank, New York; and, Director of the Florida Manufacturing Company; Barker Chemical Company; the Newport and Wickford Steamboat and Railroad Company; the Bank of Manhattan Company; the Consolidated Gas Company; and, the Farmers’ Loan and Trust Company, all of New York. His reputation, acquired by years of faithful and efficient service in these and other enterprises, ranks him among the small group of controlling business men not connected with insurance companies in New York City. He lived between New York City and Newport, Rhode Island.
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