James Bryce Allan (1861-1945)

James Bryce Allan K.C., of Montreal & Rome, Italy; died unmarried

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He was born at Montreal and was educated in England at Rugby School and Oriel College, Oxford. He entered Lincoln's Inn and completed his education at Laval University, Quebec. On being called to the Bar of Quebec in 1889 he practiced for five years by himself before entering the firm of Geoffrion & Dorian. In 1897, he was invited to join his two friends from Laval to become a senior partner in the firm of Campbell, Meredith & Allan, at Montreal. He became a K.C., and after his father's death in 1901 he took up residence at Iononteh before retiring to Europe in 1903. He travelled in Europe for several years before taking up residence at Rome in Italy where he lived for over thirty years. In 1923, he was travelling around the world with his cousin, Travers Allan, when Travers was murdered by robbers in Luxor, Egypt. James returned to Montreal in 1939 shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War, moving in with his widowed sister, Lady Meredith, at her home on Pine Avenue where he died in 1945.
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