James Roosevelt II (1907-1991)

Captain James Roosevelt II, Navy Cross, U.S. Congressman from California

Associated Houses


Hyde Park

Rancho Cienega de Los Paicines


He was married four times: (1) In 1930, he married Betsey Cushing by whom he had two daughters. They divorced in 1940 and the girls were adopted by their stepfather, Jock Whitney, taking his name (2) In 1941, he married his nurse, Romelle Schneider, by whom he had a further three children. They divorced in 1955 (3) In 1956, he married his receptionist, Mrs Gladys Owens, and they had one together. They divorced in 1969 (4) In 1969, he married his youngest son's tutor, Mary Winskill, and they had one daughter together. They remained married until his death in 1991.  
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