John Apthorp (1730-1773)

John Apthorp, Merchant, of Boston, Massachusetts

He was born at Boston, Massachusetts. As a merchant, he went to England where he was connected with his brother-in-law's firm, Thomlinson & Trecothick. At Windsor, he married Alicia, sister of Sir Horatio Mann 2nd Bt., M.P., British Minister to Florence. For her health, they left their two daughters with their grandmother in Windsor and travelled to Florence but she died at Gibraltar. After living for a short period in Italy, he returned to Boston where he married Hannah Greenleaf, daughter of the last Royal High Sheriff of Suffolk County, Massachusetts. He returned to England and they lived in Brighton and then New York. Intending to establish themselves at Charleston, they were lost at sea. His four surviving children were: (1) Catherine, married her first cousin, Charles Apthorp Wheelwright (2) Hannah, married another first cousin, "America's first native-born architect" Charles Bulfinch (3) Frances, married Charles Vaughn (4) Col. John T. Apthorp, married Grace Foster, and afterwards her sister Mary.
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