John Jacob Astor III (1822-1890)

John Jacob Astor III, of New York City & Newport, Rhode Island

Associated Houses

William B. Astor House

Lafayette Place, New York City



J.J. Astor III House

338 Fifth Avenue, New York City


West Park, Esopus





By virtue of being the eldest son, John became the head of the House of Astor. Having at first kept his nose to the grindstone, his wife eventually taught him to take pleasure in his wealth as well. He was a well-known figure in Republican circles but had an aversion to American politics and refused the position of Minister to the United Kingdom. The longer he lived, the less enamoured he became with life in America. His once close relationship with his brother, William, turned thoroughly sour to the point that it pitted the two families firmly against one another. 
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