Mark McCloskey (b.c.1957)

Mark T. McCloskey, Personal Injury Lawyer, of St. Louis, Missouri

Associated Houses

McCloskey Mansion

St. Louis

He was brought up in the Webster Groves suburb of St. Louis and virulently defended "yuppies" in a letter to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1993. He was educated at the private St. Louis Country Day School; and, the private Southern Methodist University (psychology, sociology and criminal justice) which allowed him to then take a law degree.  He and his wife (Patricia Novak) have since made a name for themselves as personal injury lawyers. Their career has allowed them to buy the magnificent Faust-Busch Mansion in St. Louis on which they have spent a small fortune restoring and refurbishing. They have one adult daughter who lives in Illinois.

McCloskey and his wife came to national and international attention in 2020 in a video that went viral where McCloskey appeared outside his mansion in a pink polo shirt and bare feet brandishing a gun towards a crowd passing by his house. On the back of this incident, McCloskey ran as a Republican for one of Missouri’s seats in the U.S. Senate but was heavily defeated, only managing 3% of the vote in the primary. At the time of writing, his name is not obviously associated with any charities in Missouri nor the U.S., nor the congregation of any specific church.
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