Melchior Beltzhoover Chaplin (1852-1904)

Melchior B. Chaplin, of Pittsburgh & Sewickley, Pennsylvania

He was born on Neville Island, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. He was the brother of William Wilson Chaplin, Secretary of the Pittsburgh Stock Exchange. In 1883, with Lewis B. Fulton, he co-founded the "very successful" Chaplin-Fulton Manufacturing Company of Pittsburgh, a brass foundry which produced fittings and mechanisms for the gas and steam industry. After it was incorporated, he served as its Treasurer until his death. He was a Republican but not active in politics. He married Kitty, daughter of Andrew and Mary Ann (Houston) Craig, and they were the parents of one son, William. They lived at 347 Bank Street on the corner of Walnut Street, Sewickley.  
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