Philip Shelton Sears (1867-1953)

Philip S. Sears, Sculptor, of Boston & Brookline, Massachusetts

Associated Houses

Warren Farm


The Pines

Prides Crossing, Beverly

He was born at Boston and was educated at Harvard University (LL.B., 1902) where he was a member of the Hasty Pudding Club. He and his brothers were noted tennis champions and Philip was an enthusiastic golfer too. He was originally a lawyer and businessman before becoming a sculptor of some renown from 1909. Some of his sculpture, notably "Pumunangwet (He who Shoots the Stars), can be found today in the Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, having been bought for just over $11k at Christie's in 2007. He married Mary Cabot Higginson, descended from some of America's oldest families counting the likes of John Borland (1728-1775) and Henry Gilbert Livingston (1714-1799) among her many distinguished ancestors. They were the parents of two sons and lived between 53 State Street, Boston; Warren Farm at Brookline; and a summer home The Pines at Prides Crossing, where he executed many of his sculptures. 
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Image of "Stepping Stones" by Philip Sears. Courtesy of the Frick Art Reference Library;