Rene-Pierre Chartier (1572-1654)

Medicin-du-Roi to Louis XIII; Royal Professor & Parliamentary Councillor

Born at Montoire or Vendome in Loir-et-Cher, he studied the arts, philosophy, mathematics, jurisprudence, theology, and medicine. Having gained a reputation as a poet, he was brought to Angers to teach "les belles-lettres". He then taught mathematics in Bordeaux before becoming Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory at Bayonne. Before coming to Paris, he travelled in the Pyrenees collecting agronomic mountain plants. In 1608, he graduated in medicine with a Ph.D. from Paris. Having occupied the Chairs for Surgery and Pharmacy at the university, in 1612 he was appointed Doctor to the Daughters of King Henri IV, cementing his medical reputation. The following year, he was appointed Medicin-du-Roi to their brother, King Louis XIII. He was also an adviser to the King and a Parliamentary Counsellor. In 1617, he was appointed Professor of Surgery at the Royal College. In 1624, he travelled to Spain to visit Princess  Elisabeth who had married King Philip IV. He was then curious to know Italy and went to stay with Princess Christine who had married the Duke of Savoy. Leaving Italy, he set out for England and was honorably received by King Charles I who had just married Princess Henriette-Marie. He edited the works of Hypocrites and Gallien and those of Pardoux and Houllier.