Rev. Henry Eleutheros Cooke (1857-1915)

Rev. "Harry" Cooke, Rector of St. John's Church, Cleveland, Ohio

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Elkins Park

Born at Philadelphia, he was educated at Princeton (1879) and afterwards at the Philadelphia Divinity School. He became a priest in 1883 and held appointments to various churches in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and San Francisco before settling in Ohio. He was Canon of Trinity Cathedral and Rector of St. John's Church, Cleveland. He was also a musician and composer who published "Hymns of the Hymnal Set in New Tune". A classmate from Princeton said of him, "Harry was a very gentle and shy man, but he had great ability along the lines of musical composition, was a good organizer and was honored finally and alone for the splendid work he did in the Church, and not because if his distinguished father. He was a man of God and a devout Christian". 
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Obituary in the Princeton Alumi Weekly, 1915