Richard Tilghman (1626-1675)

Richard Tilghman, of "The Hermitage" Queen Anne's Co., Maryland

He was born in England and became a Surgeon in the British Royal Navy. He was the son of Oswald Tilghman, merchant grocer, and Elizabeth Packham, of London. He sailed to America in 1661 and in 1667 Lord Baltimore, Governor of Maryland, granted him 400-acres. In 1659, he was granted an additional 1,000-acres in Easton, Talbot County, and built the first house on what was originally called "the Manor of Tilghman's Fortune". This became Canterbury Manor which he sold to Richard Preston in 1665, "together with all Royaltys and Privileedges most usually belonging to mannors in England". He was married at London in 1648/49 to Mary Foxley and had about 5-children.


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