Robert "King" Carter (1663-1732)

Col. Robert "King" Carter, of Corotoman; Colonial Governor of Virginia

He was born at the Corotoman Plantation in Lancaster County, Virginia. He served as a Burgess (1695-1699) and as Speaker of the House. He was Treasurer of the Colony of Virginia from 1694 until his death in 1732. From 1699 to 1732, he was an influential Member of the King's Council and was appointed President of the Council and Acting Governor of Virginia, 1726-27. When he died, he left an estate of 300,000-acres with 1,000-slaves and £10,100, making him one of the wealthiest landowners in Virginia. His land was divided between his children and as such he is the common ancestor of many of the First Families of Virginia. His first wife was Judith, daughter of Col. John and Judith (Bowles) Armistead, of "Hesse" Gloucester County, and they had three children (listed above) who lived to adulthood. His second wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Landon, of "Grednal" in Herefordshire, England. They had a further nine children of whom seven (listed above) lived to adulthood and married.
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