Walter Louis Livingston (1830-1889)

Walter L. Livingston, of Brooklyn; Comptroller of King's County, New York

He was born in New York City, but from the ages of five to sixteen lived in Europe with his parents. He studied for three years at the Jesuit College in Switzerland before returning to the States to study law, first in the offices of Fulton Cutting and then with C.L. Monell and Josiah Sutherland. In 1852, he was admitted to the Bar and in 1861 set up on his own account in Brooklyn. He was a Member of the Constitutional Convention in 1867 and in 1886 was elected Comptroller of King's County. He married Silvia, the daughter of his first cousin, Washington Coster. Their only daughter predeceased him and he died shortly afterwards at No. 100 Hewes Street. 
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