William (Robertson) Williamson (1769-1852)

Mrs "Wilhelmina" William Boyd (Robertson) Robertson Williamson

Associated Houses

Lawers House

Comrie, near Crieff

Her name (although known as Wilhelmina) was not a mistake, she was indeed named William Boyd Robertson for her father of the same name. She was heiress to her uncle's estate, Lawers House between Crieff and Comrie in Perthshire, and she married David Robertson Williamson, Lord Balgray, Judge of the Court of Sessions. Wilhelmina was an ardent Royalist and when Queen Victoria passed from Crieff to Comrie in 1842, she organised the construction of three elegant triumphal arches on the road through her estate and prepared a battery of cannon to salute the Queen as she passed through - lit by herself. This being the first break in the monotonous journey as the Queen made her way across Perthshire, she was duly impressed and grateful to Lady Balgray for her showmanship and loyalty. Lord and Lady Balgray died without children and Lawers passed to their nephew, Charles Alexander Williamson.


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Image Courtesy of the Frick Art Reference Library; National Record of the Visit of Queen Victoria to Scotland, 1842.