William Payne (1762-1827)

Merchant, of Amory & Payne, Boston, Massachusetts

Associated Houses

Gore Place


He was unsuccessful in business and land speculation but lived comfortably through investments in several manufacturing companies. When his sister and her husband (Christopher Gore) left for England between 1796 and 1804, he was entrusted to look after their country estate, laying out much of the pathways. But, while he was resident, the house burned down and was replaced by Gore Place. He was married twice. In 1803, he married Mrs Lucy (Gray) Dobell. They had twin boys, both who both died a month apart three years later. In 1813, he married Catherine, daughter of Joseph Hallett III of New York and they had another pair of twin boys who survived him but died unmarried. Mrs Catherine Payne was the sister of Mrs Ann Delafield of Sunswick.
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