Castle Eltz

Wierschem, Koblenz, Rhineland

Built in 1157, it has been the family seat of the von Eltz family for 34 generations, and remains their home to this day. The medieval castle sits on a 230-foot rock spur above the Moselle River. The tallest part of the 120-room castle is 8 storeys and 131-feet high. The castle is made of several living quarters/apartments all belonging to the joint heirs of the extended von Eltz family as was/is the tradition. The RĂ¼benach and Rodendorf families' homes are open to the public, while the Kempenich branch of the family uses the other third of the castle. It is open to the public from April to October. It has featured in several movies, on German currency, and inspired the castle featured on the online game World of Tanks. In America, it inspired the Prussian-born hotelier George Boldt (1851-1918) to build the magnificent Boldt Castle in the Thousand Islands.


Contributed by Mark Meredith on 09/02/2019 and last updated on 09/02/2019.


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