Castle Lubbenau

Schloss Lübbenau, Lübbenau, Brandenburg

Built in 1568, for the Rochus Guerrini Graf zu Lynar (1525-1596), a Tuscan Count who came to Germany as the new ruler of Lubbernau. For the succeeding three hundred years, the zu Lynar family ruled the region from this castle. The Renaissance castle was surrounded by a moated lake, but its present appearance came about when it was remodelled between 1817 and 1820. In 1871, one of the extended family Prince Ernst zu Lynar (great-grandson of Rochus Friedrich zu Lynar who lived here) married an American from Ohio, Amelia Parsons before settling in Berlin. Today, the Schloss Lübbenau is a 4-star hotel and remains surrounded by beautiful parkland. 
Contributed by Mark Meredith on 27/10/2019 and last updated on 27/10/2019.


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