Thoreau Farm

341 Virginia Road, Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

Built circa 1730, for John Wheeler who sold it in 1756 to his cousin, Deacon Samuel Minot (1706-1766), who conveyed it to his son, Captain Jonas Minot (1735-1813). Captain Minot expanded the farm to 104-acres and after his first wife died he married Mary (1748-1830), the widow of Asa Dunbar. In 1798, Mary moved into the farm with her children from her first marriage who included among them Cynthia Dunbar....

This house is best associated with...

Cynthia Dunbar

Mrs Cynthia (Dunbar) Thoreau


John Thoreau

John Thoreau, Pencil Manufacturer, of Concord, Massachusetts


Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau, of Concord, Massachusetts; Philosopher & Author


Cynthia lived here until she was married in 1812 to John Thoreau. The following year, her stepfather died and her mother asked her and her husband to come back and run the farm. John and Cynthia's famous son, Henry David Thoreau, was born here in 1817 but a stretch of poor harvests forced them to move into town by 1818. Nonetheless, his mother's memories of life on the farm influenced Henry Thoreau's thoughts and writings and today the house - also known as the Wheeler-Minot Farmhouse - is a popular destination for those hoping to find out more about the man who has helped so many to find themselves.
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