Catherine Lyon (1841-1915)

Mrs "Kate" Catherine (Lyon) Ward, Cameron, Morrow

Two months after the death of his first wife, Kate married her first husband, Detroit's first millionaire who also happened to be thirty years her senior. He died six years later and left almost the entirety of his $6 million fortune to her and their two children. She then remarried another self-made millionaire and moved to Windsor, Ontario. Tiring of small town life she persuaded her husband to move to Toronto, but she quickly tired of that too and for the last few years of Alexander's life she spent most of her time in Paris while he remained in Canada. After his death, she was married a third time to a John Morrow, also of Toronto, and moved with him to London. She was the mother of the extraordinary Clara Ward, Princess de Chimay, who later eloped with a gypsy!




The Kelloggs in the Old World and the New, by Timothy Hopkins