Charles Goodwin Cushing (1890-1958)

Charles G. Cushing Jr., of Lloyd Neck, Huntington, New York; formerly of Chicago

Associated Houses


Oyster Bay Cove

He was born at Princeton, Illinois. He graduated from the University of Chicago and served as a Major in World War One. He was associated with the brokerage firm of Redmond & Co., before starting his own firm in 1937. He gained a reputation as "New York society's Beau Brummell" and had a string of high profile girlfriends including Ethel Merman. He mixed in the same circle as the Duchess of Windsor and was approached by the Duke of Windsor to form a company to drill for oil on the Duke's ranch in Texas. They formed the company with Elisha Walker (1879-1950), of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and named it "Ecushwa" (Edward, Cushing, Walker). He and the Windsors became firm friends and in 1956 Cushing accompanied them on a motor tour of Europe. He was a director of the Simplicity Pattern Co. and belonged to several clubs. He moved from Chicago to New York. He lived at Lloyd Neck in Huntington on Long Island and purchased Mallow as an investment opportunity. Towards the end of his life, he was living at the Carlyle Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida. He was survived by his wife & daughters.
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