Charles Russell Lowell (1782-1861)

Rev. Dr Charles Russell Lowell, D.D., Pastor of the West Church, Boston

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He was born at Boston, Massachusetts, and was educated at The Roxbury Latin School and Harvard, where he studied law and then theology. After two further years at Edinburgh University in Scotland and then a year in Europe, Lowell returned to Boston and from 1806 until his death was Pastor of the West (Unitarian) Church, Boston. He was an outspoken opponent of slavery. Between 1837 and 1840, he returned to Europe to travel. He was a member and councillor of the American Antiquarian Society; Fellow of Harvard, 1818 to 1833; and, a member of several literary societies both in the United States and abroad. He lived with his family at Elmwood in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He married Harriet Brackett Spence and they were the parents of six children, including the celebrated poet and professor, James Russell Lowell.
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