Detlef Lienau (1818-1887)

Detlef Lienau, Pioneering Architect, of New York City

Associated Houses

32 Fifth Avenue


Beach Cliffe


Lockwood-Mathews Mansion




Cruickston Park

North Dumfries near Cambridge

He was born in Germany (a part which was then in Denmark) and was educated at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris before coming to New York in 1848. Pre-dating the better known Richard Morris Hunt, Linau was acknowledged 90-years later in the 'Columbia Spectator' as, "the first architect with Paris training to practice in United States after Colonial times". Linau is also credited with having introduced the French Second Empire style to American building construction, first exhibited at 32 Fifth Avenue in New York. He was one of the 29 founding members of the American Institute of Architects.
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