Edward Hunter Ludlow (1810-1884)

of E.H. Ludlow & Co., President of the New York Real Estate Exchange

He was born at his father's house in New York on Greenwich Street, one door from Liberty Street. He studied medicine but after practicing for just a year in Westchester County he abandoned that profession to pursue a career in real estate. In 1831, he opened an office at the corner of Wall and New Streets and afterwards at 11 Broad Street. His success allowed him to retire in 1845 and he moved to "Pine Lawn" that enjoyed a quarter mile front on the Hudson River at Tivoli-on-the-Hudson. Having grown restless by 1850, he returned to Manhattan and resumed business at 14 Pine Street. From 1851 to 1856, he was in partnership with Gen. Edward Jones Mallett, and later took in Morris Wilkins and George R. Read. For many years he was President of the New York Real Estate Exchange. He retired for the second (and final) time in 1875 having realised "an ample fortune". In 1833, he married Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Philip Livingston, of Clermont Manor, Lieutenant-Governor of New York. They lived between "Pine Lawn" and 21 East 24th Street, Manhattan, and had four children, two of whom (listed) survived to adulthood including Mary Hall, great-grandmother of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.
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