François Alexis Delafoile (1797-1840)

François Alexis/Joseph de la Folile/de la Foille/de la Folie/Delafolie

He was apparently the valet to Joseph Bonaparte at Point Breeze. In America his surname "de la Folie" became "Dalafolie". After his master was reunited with his wife in Europe, Delafolie married his his mistress, Annette Savage, in 1826, possibly in Paris or back in America. They lived first at Evans Lake in New Jersey in a house that Bonaparte built for them, and later at Ox Bow, New York. Having squandered her fortune, he died in mysterious circumstances in 1840: He had been perfectly well in the afternoon, but he was dead by the end of the day. Anne refused to call a doctor and instead called only a gravedigger who made sure he was 6-feet under by the morning. 
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