Frederick Adolphus Konig (1867-1940)

F.A. Konig, of Konig Brothers, Bankers, of New York & London

Associated Houses

Konig Mansion

College Point

Tyringham Hall

Newport Pagnell

He was born at the Konig Mansion in Queen's, New York, where his father had co-founded the American Hard Rubber Company. He and his brother, Hans, became merchant bankers in New York before founding Konig Brothers, Bankers, of London. In 1923, the Governor of the Bank of England requested that Konig Brothers merge with Frederick Huth & Company which had become dangerously stretched since the death of its senior partner. Konig retired in 1936 when Frederick Huth & Company was transferred to the British Overseas Bank. He kept a townhouse at 44 Rutland Gate, London; and, in 1907, he purchased Tyringham Hall. He was Jewish by birth and later followed Jewish Theosophy. He married Gertrude von Chappuis, a German Baroness from Saxony who was Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Marie-Louise, grand-daughter of Queen Victoria. They were the parents of two sons, Killian and Marcus. 


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