Hans Henry Konig (1870-1949)

H.H. Konig, of Konig Brothers, Bankers, of New York & London

Associated Houses

Konig Mansion

College Point

Ardenrun Place

Blindley Heath, Godstone

Villa Maria Serena


He was born in Bonn, Germany; and, educated at Bonn Gymnasium. His father, Fritz, co-founded the American Hard Rubber Company and lived at the Konig Mansion in Queen's, New York. Hans and his brother, F.A. Konig, became merchant bankers in New York before establishing Konig Brothers, Bankers, of London. He was the winner of team and double harness cups in various horse shows. He kept a townhouse on South Street, Park Lane, London; a villa in the South France, Villa Maria Serena; and, in 1909 he built Ardenrun Place in Surrey. He died unmarried.


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