Gladys Agnes Quentell (1901-1966)

"Gaggy" (Quentell) Reed

Associated Houses

The Orchard


She was born in New York and was educated at the Bronson School for Girls. Known as "Gaggy," in 1921, she married Verner Reed, of Colorado, heir to a mining and real estate fortune. They lived in Denver before moving to Pinehurst, North Carolina, where they were well-known in foxhunting and horse racing circles. She was joint Master of the Pinehurst hounds with her husband and during World War II ran one of their properties (Sandy Woods) as a farm. In 1937, the Reeds purchased land in Newport and built Terre Mare (now better known as "Seafair) but after the great storm of 1938 swept five of their servants out to sea and killed one, they sold up in favor of The Orchard. Gaggy became a well-known portrait artist and she was a member of the Metropolitan Opera Council of New York, the Palm Beach Fourth Arts Society and The Art Association of Newport. She died at her home in Palm Beach, leaving two sons.
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Portrait painted circa 1935 by Bernard Boutet de Monvel (1881-1949)