Goldsbrow Banyer (1724-1815)

Judge Goldsbrow Banyer, of Rhinebeck & Albany, New York

He was born in London and came to New York in the 1730s. His name was spelt 'Goldsborough' but to stop it being mispronounced in America, he began to write it 'Goldsbrow' though his son etc. reverted back to the original spelling. In 1746, he was appointed Deputy Auditor-General of the Province. He also served as Deputy Clerk of the Council and was a Member of the Provincial Supreme Court. In 1767, he married the widowed Mrs Elizabeth Appy who grew up at and inherited the historic mansion known as Richmond Hill in Manhattan. They lived in New York City until the Revolution when they moved to Rhinebeck. By 1790, they were living in Albany where he purchased a large home on Pearl Street as well as several other properties.
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