Henry Grant Morse Jr. (1876-1934)

Henry G. Morse Jr., Architect, of Essex Fells, New Jersey

He was born at Canton, Ohio, and studied architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a partner in the firm of Hawes & Morse before setting up on his account from 101 Park Avenue, New York. His work was predominantly focused on public buildings but for the few private commissions he undertook he developed a reputation for excellence in the Tudor-Revival style. He is best known for reconstructing Virginia House and Agecroft Hall, both in Richmond, Virginia. He lived at Essex Fells, New Jersey, and was married twice. His first wife, Virginia, was a native of Richmond, Virginia, and died in 1924. Afterwards he remarried Harriet, the author of the 1939 classic, "Gardening in the Shade".  
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