Henry Pratt McKean (1866-1922)

H. Pratt McKean, of Philadelphia & "Pine Run Farms" Horsham Township

Associated Houses



Stotesbury Mansion


The McKean Houses


He was born at Philadelphia and was educated at St. Paul's and Harvard (1889). He was a director of the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad; President of the Four-in-Hand Club; and, on the board of the Metropolitan Opera Company of New York. In 1889, he married Marian, daughter of Quincy Adams Shaw, and they were the parents of two sons. But, in 1910, she left him and re-established herself in her native Boston with both their sons. In 1914, he married Margaret, daughter of Richard Riker of New York City. He lived between what is now referred to as the Stotesbury Mansion in Philadelphia and "Pine Run Farms" in Horsham. He died at sea while returning from a 3-month trip to Turkey and Egypt leaving an estate estimated at $1 million to his two sons. 


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