Irene Alice Gerhardt (1890-1986)

Mrs Irene Alice (Gerhardt) Jackson

Associated Houses

Hickory Hill


She was born in Kingston, New York. In Albany, 1916, she married Robert H. Jackson who she met while he was a law student and she was a state government secretary. Her husband went on to become U.S. Attorney General, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, and the Chief U.S. Prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial (1945-46). Mrs Jackson was a passionate horsewoman and was involved with several charities including the Visiting Nurse Society and the Animal Rescue League. During World War II she was a Red Cross Grey Lady and an air raid warden. She was also a member of the Sulgrave Club. She and her husband lived at Hickory Hill from 1944. After her husband died, she sold it to John F. Kennedy and moved into  Washington D.C. She was survived by a son, William E. Jackson of New York City, and a daughter, Mrs Mary L. Craighill, of Washington D.C.
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