John Penn (1760-1834)

Lt.-Colonel John Penn Jr., M.P., of Stoke Park, Buckinghamshire

Associated Houses

Stoke Park

Stoke Poges

He and his cousin, John Penn, the last Colonial Governor of Pennsylvania, held 24-million acres in Pennsylvania which the Pennsylvania Legislature confiscated after the American Revolution. He lived in Pennsylvania from 1783 to 1788, where he built a house called "The Solitude" before returning to Stoke Park in England which he had inherited from his father. Using his compensation of £130,000 (ten percent of the value of his land in Pennsylvania) from the U.S. government plus an annuity of £4,000 granted from the British, he set about rebuilding Stoke Park as it is seen today. He died unmarried and was succeeded by his brother, Granville.


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