Kingdon Gould Jr. (1924-2018)

Kingdon Gould Jr., U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg & the Netherlands

Associated Houses

Furlough Lodge


He was born in Manhattan, New York, and educated at Millbrook School in Dutchess County. In 1942, after two months at Yale University, he joined the U.S. Army and went to Europe. He received two Purple Hearts and two Silver Stars before returning home. He resumed his studies at Yale and graduated in law in 1951. For many years he was involved in real estate and parking developments as a partner of Nick Antonelli in the PMI Parking Management Inc, at Washington D.C. He was U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg (1969 to 1972) during the Nixon Administration and to the Netherlands (1973 to 1976) during the Ford Administration. He was an active supporter and donor to the Republican Party, as well as to a range of educational institutions, particularly in the Baltimore area. He lived in North Laurel, Maryland, and kept Furlough Lodge in the Catskills, built by his grandfather in the 1890s. He was married in 1946 to Mary Bruce Thorne and they were the parents of four sons and five daughters.


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