Louis Livingston Lorillard (1919-1986)

Louis Livingston Lorillard, President of the Newport Jazz Festival

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He was born in Rhode Island. He was educated at the Fay School in Southborough, Massachusetts, and the Pomfret School, Connecticut. He was posted to Naples, Italy, as a Lieutenant on the staff of General Patton, rising to the rank of Major before the conclusion of the war. He was a Member of the Society of the Cincinnati; the Military Order of Foreign Wars; the Hope Club of Providence, R.I.; the Traveller's Club of Paris; and, the Clambake Club and Reading Room of Newport. However, he is best remembered as the founder and President of the Newport Jazz Festival and the success of the event served as a template for the story line of the movie classic High Society. He was married twice: (1) Elaine Guthrie, from 1946 until their divorce in 1962. They had two children (2) In 1962, Elizabeth Crane Gable. He lived at Quatrel in Newport before moving to Monte Carlo. 


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